Thursday, 28 March 2013


Hi all,

I would love to make my own yarn for my patterns. Mostly because I can never find the right colour or size. So I have wanted a spindle for a long time. One problem: I am a student so I don't have much money or room for a spindle. So when I saw drop spindles for the first time I decided I wanted to have one.
My dad knows this so because I got a 100+ page-views already he going to take me to buy a drop spindle! I am really exited.
We are probably going to De Spinners (The spinsters). They have a lot of beautiful spindles! The site is in Dutch but you can check it out anyway.
As soon as I get a drop spindle I will post pictures.
So thanks everyone for viewing my blog and I'll try to post a new pattern or design by Tuesday.


Little Mouse

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