Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cable Leg Warmer

Hi all,
My leg warmers!
I love skirts and dresses. That is why the first design I shared was a skirt.
I also love the sun on my face. That is why I was working on a shrug. It was too cold for just a shirt so a shrug is perfect.

Too bad the weather didn't agree with my view on how warm it should be. Spring weather is late and I wanted to wear skirts so I made some leg warmers. So now I share my new leg warmers with you all!

 I was looking at a knitted shawl of a friend of mine and I loved the cables. That is why I wanted to see if I could crochet cables. And oh yes I can. And it is way easier then knitting cables!

I started learning cables by reading this tutorial about crocheting cables. It is worked with Front Post Tripple Crochets(FPTC). They are the same as FPDCs but with a triple crochet. If you don't know how to make them you should look at my tutorial section!
After trying it out I wanted to make something different than the standard cable. I wanted a woven pattern.
The woven cables
So now the pattern. I'll try to make a pdf for it later.
So you should know 3 kinds of stitches: A Front Post Double Crochet(FPDC), a Back PostDouble Crochet(BPDC) and a Front Post Tripple Crochet(FPTC).
I like to start out with a Double Crochet Foundation but you can also start with chains and double crochet in them.

Measure the size of your calf at the widest point. Write this down!
Now make a swatch of your wanted with DCs. Now calculate how many stitches you will need to make it fit around the widest point of your calf.
Make sure it is a attitude of 6 for the cables are 3 stitches wide and you need to work them is pairs.

So now you should have the amount of stitches needed. I used 42 stitches.

Row 1: make a DC foundation chain for the amount of stitches you calculated. Join with a slip stitch

Row 2: We will be working in spirals so don't chain! Simply make a FPDC in the first 3 DCs you made. Make 3 BPDCs in the next 3 stitch. Repeat till the last stitch is reached. You should have ended with a BPDC.

Row 3: repeat row 2.

You should now have a  ribbing like below.

The ribbing
Now we are going to start the cables :D

Row 4: Skip 3 stitches. Make a FPTC in stitch 4, 5 and 6. Now the hardest part starts! Make a FPTC in the stitch 1 of the row 3 and take care to make the stitch in front of the 3 FPTCs you just made. Make a FPTC in stitch 2 and 3 of row 3. Your first cable crossover is now done!
So it is*Skip 3, 3 FPTC, 3 FPTC in the skipped stitches making sure they are in front of the 3 FPTCs.* repeat for the whole round*

Row 5: FPTC around in order that the stitches appear. So no skipping and going back. Do this for all stitches minus 3. Because this is where the next crossover starts.

Row 6: *Skip 3, 3FPTC, 3FPTC in the skipped stitches, making sure they are behind 3 FPTCs.* repeat around.

Row 7: repeat row 5.

Repeat row 4-7 as until you reach your desired length.

Make sure you end with a row with crossovers! So a row 4 of  6.

Now repeat the ribbing. So repeat row 2 and 3. End with a Slip Stitch after the last stitch to even out the round. You are now done!

Let me see what you make of it! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


Little Mouse


  1. I like cables too!! i'm making some socks, then i'm going to make a cowl... i guess your pattern will be next one! :)

  2. Gorgeous! Perfect for my dancing niece for Christmas, but what size hook do you recommend? thanks in advance! Susan :)