Thursday, 7 March 2013

Basic crocheted skirt (including pattern)

Hi there all!
I have made a basic skirt. Pictures will follow this weekend when I get my boyfriend to snap some shots.
The pattern is very easy and doesn't require much attention.
The pattern consists of two parts. The skirt and the waistband.
It can be made in any yarn you want as long as you have a fitting crochet needle. I used a hook size 4 with matching yarn. I used two colours, one for the skirt and one for the waistband.

So let's get started with the skirt.
The skirt is the easiest part. It is basically a rectangle twice as wide as your waist and as high as you want it to be. It is made using only DC's. Easy right?
  1. So you begin with measuring your waist or hips, depending on where you want the skirt to start. 
  2. Then you multiply that number by 2 to get the width of your rectangle.
  3. Measure how long you want the skirt to be(excluding waistband). This is the height of your rectangle.
So if your waist measurement is 80 cm then the rectangle will be 160 cm wide.
If you want your skirt to be 40 cm long the height of the rectangle will be 40 cm. Your rectangle will have the measurement of 160x40
  1. Make a test swatch and calculate how many stitches and rows you will need to get the appropriate size. Make sure it is a multitude of 4. You'll need it for the waistband
  2. Start crocheting DC's all the way.
Normally I crochet in the round but because I couldn't find a stitch marker (a bobby pin most of the time) I crocheted a basic rectangle. The upside is you don't have to remember where your row ends, the downsize is you have to sew the sides together. A thing I am not very good at.
So I would recommend crocheting in the round.

I always have a hard time when I have to chain a lot to start off. I lose count, my thightness varies a lot and it is always tighter then my normal crocheting.
So I used a new starting technique I and wanted to share: a chain-less double crochet foundation. You can find a lot of video's on youtube but to make it easy I'll link one:

So if you have the amount of stitches you need, ss them together and start working all in DCs untill you reached the rows you need. Don't forget to check your amount of stitches now and then because it is repetitive and you might miss some or make an extra stitch.

 The waistband is a bit harder but not that much.
  1. You start by crocheting one row of DCs
  2. After that you alternating two Front Post Double Crochets(FPDC) and two Back Post Double Crochets(BPDC). That way you get stretchy crochet ribbing! You do this for as many rows as you want. The more you do the higher the waistband. So I did 5 rows of *2 FPDC, 2 BPDC* repeat.
  3. Repeat step one. By doing that you can 'flip' the next part over so you can insert an elastic.
  4. Repeat step 2. Do exactly as many rows as you did in step 2.
  5. Close the waistband by ss in the round and inserting your hook in the top tow of the skirt/the beginning of your waistband. Do this with the elastic between the two ribbed parts.
  6. Pull the elastic as tight as you want it to be and sew together.
The FPDC and the BPDC may sound hard but in essence it is inserting your hook in the front or back of the DC itself instead of the top of the stitch as you usually do.

As for ss the waistband, I found it easy to secure the two sides together with safety pins so you align the ribbing. I also pulled the elastic through the waistband while working so I didn't have to fumble around with it later.
I hope I didn't forget anything! If you have any questing feel free to ask them below or e-mail me. I also love to see your results. Feel free to link my pattern but please don't copy it without asking me.
Also feel free to adjust it any way you want.
Little Mouse

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