Saturday, 20 April 2013


Hi all,

Long time no updates. Like I said, my laptop dies but now it is back! I have been reinstalling and updating so no I'm ready to write some posts!
You would say I am more productive without a laptop (no distractions from facebook or other sites) but I wasn't. I often watch series on my laptop while crocheting so I wasn't as productive as I had hoped. I did read a lot of books though!
Nevertheless, I crocheted a vest for my mother. I still have to make some longer sleeves and attach the buttons.
I also made some socks but I am having a hard time finishing them because the board is hard to make. The theory is easy but they will not fit right. They come in two sizes for my. Too big and floppy around the ankle or to tight and impossible to fit over my feet. But other then that crocheting socks is a lot of fun!!!
Expect an update on he normal schedule, on Tuesday. Would you like to see socks or a vest with a pattern?


Little mouse.

PS: Thanks to everyone who was reading even though I didn't update. I got a lot of nice feedback so thank you!

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