Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sock pattern generator part 1

Hi all,

So here is the sock pattern generator. You give your gauge swatch and foot measurements and out comes your pattern. This is only part 1 up to the heel. The heel and leg will be done next week.

So let's start off with an gauge swatch. Fill in how many stitches and rows you crocheted and how big it is. Everything will be in cm's. Later on I will add inches if I have the time.
Gauge swatch
Cm Inch
Width(in stitches)
Width(in )
Height(in rows)
Height(in )

So now we have the gauge swatch you should measure the foot. You will need 2 measurements for now.
- The circumference or the widest point of your foot. For most people it is around the ball of your foot.
- The length from your longest toe to the mid of your ankle. This is measured in one line perpendicular to the floor.
Foot measurements
Circumference of your foot  (in )
Lenght of foot(in )

So these are the numbers I use in the calculations. The first two(or the measurements of your gauge swatch) might be nice to write down so you can use them in part two.
Stitches for foot:
Rows untill heel:
Chain .
Sl in each of the loops on the backside().
The loops on the back side

Round 1:St in each of the v loops on the front side. Place a stitch marker in the last made stitch. I often use bobby pins I have lying around. Perhaps that is why I always lose them... Your work is now oval shaped.
Loops on the front side End of the row with the first stitch marker
Work in each of the slipped stitches. Mark last made stitch. You should now have 's in total.
After working in the slipped stitches en marking the last stitch
Round 2: Sc up to first marked stitch. Sc 2 in stitch before marker. Remove stitch marker. Sc in the stitch. Replace marker. Repeat on other side.

Working up to first marked stitch and sc 2 in the stitch before the marked one St in marked stitch and replaced marker
Round 3: Sc up to first marked stitch. Remove marker. St 1 in stitch. Place marker in the just made stitch.
Sc to next marked stitch. Remove marker. Work in stitch. Replace marker.
Repeat round 2 and 3 until you have stitches.
The toe after all the row 2-3's. I worked with stripes but that doesn't matter
You should now have rows in total.

Rest of the foot
Remove first marker.

Row -: St up to marker. Remove marker. St in the stitch. Replace marker.
After working in the round normally.

You now are done with part 1 of the sock. The second part will be on next Tuesday. The heel is not as hard as it seems so don't be afraid!
The second part will be generated like this one so please write down your measurements so you can use them in part 2!

I hope to see you next week for the next part.
Edit: Here is Part 2


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