Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sweater time

Hello all,

There are two reasons I have not been updating as much as I wanted. The first one is because I was away on vacation and out a lot. The second, more interesting one, is that I have been working on a stubborn sweater(I think I didn't have enough badges to make it).

I have been trying to design one myself and it just didn't want to come out the way I wanted it too. I wanted to use a specific stitch pattern but it just wouldn't work. So when I did have a stitch that worked I had a hard time getting the amount of stitches right. I had to restart at least 4 times...
But I finally made it! It is made top to bottom and the sleeves are added last. But don't worry because I am not good at sewing and also dislike putting my work together at the end (I never seem to get around to it) it is seamless.
And by the way it is made with only one ball of yarn!

Because it is late and there isn't much light now I'll try to get some photos tomorrow. I will also post the length and weight of the yarn if I still have it.

The pattern will be posted later this week if I have enough time. My problem is mainly that I didn't make any pictures while working so I will have to make a new sweater for pictures... Not sure if I want to do that. Perhaps I can make a friend happy with a sweater or just crochet a mini one :)

So more tomorrow and let me know what you think!


Little Mouse

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